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Monthly Subscription: $12.00 per quart

Subscription & Delivery Details: Subscriptions are billed every 4 weeks. Fresh food is delivered weekly.

We deliver Mondays, between the hours of 3pm – 7pm. Butterfly (Dog) Food should be brought inside and refrigerated or frozen. On hot days, we may flash chill the product before delivery to ensure it stays at a safe temperature. Your product may appear to be partially frozen due to the flash chilling process.

There is no obligation, and you may modify or cancel your subscription anytime. Log into your account to manage your subscription.

What’s Inside: 100% whole food ingredients, grown locally on our own farm in Colorado Springs or sourced from a restaurant food supplier that carries human-grade whole foods from the USA. We use 100% non-GMO vegetables, fruit, rice, and oats, all natural premium cuts of meat raised without antibiotics or hormones, and wild-caught fish.

What’s NOT Inside: We NEVER use preservatives, synthetic vitamins or minerals, meat byproducts/meals, diseased meat, antibiotics, hormones, colors, fillers, or artificial anything! Every other dog food we’ve ever seen has at minimum preservatives or synthetics, and most have all the other yucky stuff too. Why? Because it is cheaper to produce. Butterfly (Dog) Food is different and better for your dog in every way. We put quality above all else. Basically, if we wouldn’t eat it, it won’t go into Butterfly (Dog) Food.

Why We Made It: When our dog BJ was diagnosed with cancer and given just 3-6 months to live, we went on a tireless journey to research nutrition and ways we could give BJ the best possible quality of life. We developed a fresh dog food recipe and regimen of carefully chosen supplements, and BJ lived for almost 8 more years! We developed Butterfly (Dog) Food for BJ 11 years ago and have been feeding it to all 5 of our dogs ever since. We do not claim to cure cancer but we’ve witnessed the remarkable difference good nutrition can make in the health & life of our dogs. We wanted to share Butterfly (Dog) Food with you so your pups can enjoy the same 100% whole food diet that our dogs have loved and lived for over the past 11 years!

Allergy Info: Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Ingredients: All-natural chicken leg meat, whole eggs (grass fed, cage-free), wild-caught salmon, all-natural chicken liver, wild-caught sardines, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, beets, banana, brown rice, whole grain oats, broccoli, brussel sprouts, apple, cabbage, radish, celery, green beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, red beans, kidney beans, kale, spinach, leaf lettuce, chicken broth, salt……Now that’s a beautiful list! (All ingredients are natural and non-GMO)

Feeding Guidelines: Butterfly (Dog) Food is the foundation of good health for your pup. It can be fed as a primary meal, meal topper, or soft treat. Serve directly from the container. Keep cold. Anything not intended to be consumed within 4 days of delivery should be frozen. Once frozen, simply submerge the container in water for a couple hours to defrost.

Butterfly (Dog) Food is a soft, easy to eat, and easy to digest food that even the pickiest of eaters will love!

How much food a dog needs depends on a several factors, including age, weight, and activity level. There is no hard & fast rule. You may need to make a judgement call and adjust how much and when you feed your dog. We feed our pups 3x per day.

The feeding chart in the product photos is intended as a guideline for how much Butterfly (Dog) Food should be served in a day if served as a primary meal.


1 Quarts Per Week (4 Quart Subscription), 2 Quarts Per Week (8 Quart Subscription), 3 Quarts Per Week (12 Quart Subscription), 4 Quarts Per Week (16 Quart Subscription), 5 Quarts Per Week (20 Quart Subscription), 6 Quarts Per Week (24 Quart Subscription), 7 Quarts Per Week (28 Quart Subscription), 8 Quarts Per Week (32 Quart Subscription), 9 Quarts Per Week (35 Quart Subscription), 11 Quarts Per Week (44 Quart Subscription), 12 Quarts Per Week (48 Quart Subscription), 13 Quarts Per Week (52 Quart Subscription)

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