Our Story

For 11 years we’ve been making fresh dog food and seeing the incredible quality of life & health that our dogs have experienced. We bring you Butterfly (Dog) Food out of a sincere desire to see all dogs enjoy the benefits of high-quality, 100% whole food, and locally made dog food.

It all started with a spirited rescue dog named BJ. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7 and given 3-6 MONTHS to live. But we knew she had a lot more life left in her. Through tireless research we developed a fresh dog food recipe and a regimen of tailored supplements to support BJ’s health. She lived nearly 8 more YEARS!

We don’t claim to cure cancer, but we do truly believe that the wellbeing of a dog increases tremendously when we take as much care in feeding them as we do ourselves.

We are committed to making the highest quality food you can get for your best friend. That’s why we grow our own produce on our farm here in Colorado Springs. And for ingredients we can’t grow, we have super high standards. No GMOs, no fillers, no hormones, no antibiotics, no synthetic vitamins or minerals, no junk. If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we won’t put it in Butterfly (Dog) Food.

Beyond being bonkers about making the best dog food you can possibly buy, we care about our earth & community. We place sustainability high on our priority list by composting on our farm, using rainwater, and using 100% recyclable packaging. In 2021, we’re committed to supporting local animal rescues with a portion of our profits. We love Colorado Springs and we’re proud to be local!